5SOS guitarist Michael Clifford and Justin Bieber were reportedly heating up a feud on social media after Clifford said in an interview that he thinks JB hates the Aussie quartet.

JB fired back on Clifford’s statement, reports Just Jared. The “Sorry” singer gave a seemingly blatant response on 5SOS’ Rolling Stone interview, with Clifford saying that “I think he hates us.” The guitarist also allegedly told the mag, “I probably shouldn’t say this, but he had his own album on loop for, like, two or three hours,” referring to Justin Bieber’s AMA after party.

The tweets may have been deleted by Bieber, but Gossip Cop was able to capture his posts.

“Sorry guy. Don’t hate you. Don’t even know u,” JB tweeted. “And are u sure u came to our party because my album wan’t on loop? Strange.”

“Wish u the best. Don’t use my name for headlines. U are already on the cover,” JB continued. “U don’t need it. Just be honest. Big hugs buds…And now can we call move on. No hate all love. Happy to make it clear. Happy times.”

His tweets could be a start of a Twitter battle between him and the rock group, but the 5SOS member replied with an explanation.

Meanwhile, aside from their comment about Justin Bieber, 5SOS also talked about their struggle in proving that they are a “real band.”

“Seventy-five per cent of our lives is proving we’re a real band,” drummer Ashton Irwin said, quotes News.com.au. Irwin added that they want to be a band for everyone and not just to impress girls.

“That’s the great mission that we have. I’m already seeing a few male fans start to pop up, and that’s cool. If the Beatles and the Rolling Stones and all those guys can do it, we can do it, too.”