5SOS Luke Hemmings, Arzaylea Breakup; Arzaylea Kisses Michael Clifford?


5SOS guitarist Luke Hemmings and girlfriend Arzaylea have been plagued with controversies after they confirmed their relationship on the recent Rolling Stone interview. However, the latest scoop might shock the readers as several sites wrote that the couple have broken up because Arzaylea kissed Hemmings’ best friend and fellow bandmate, Michael Clifford.

Should this rumor be true, Hemmings and Clifford’s friendship might end as well. But the social media starlet went on to Twitter and shared her opinion about the malicious rumors. “Why is everyone a liar and why does everyone believe everything they read,” Arzaylea wrote.

Her post, according to Movie News Guide, is addressed to the breakup and kissing rumors. On the other hand, Luke Hemmings and Michael Clifford are yet to comment on the issue.

Meanwhile, some 5sos fans are not happy that Arzaylea was part of the latest RS interview. They also posted their disappointment on Twitter and asked Rolling Stone why Arzaylea “out of all people was part of the article.”

Some fans are obviously furious about Arzaylea dating the quartet’s guitarist as well, notes Hollywood Take. They believe that the “Internet influencer” is only using Hemmings for fame.

“And some think she is part of a larger conspiracy by the record label to create more publicity for the band,” as we quote from the site. More than that, 5SOS fans are not happy to know that she relies on a “trust fund” instead of working.

Notably, the 21-year old brunette told the music magazine that she previously attended the Aveda Institute beauty school, but she defined her current job as “Internet influencer.” “I just post pictures. It’s really easy,” she said.

Is Arzaylea telling the truth? Will the battle between Arzaylea and 5SOS fans end? Let us see in the future.

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