When Zayn Malik decided to leave One Direction, fans the world over have had their hearts broken.

From that trauma, it is no wonder that fans of Aussie boy band 5 Seconds of Summer (better known as 5SOS) are panicking over a cryptic tweet posted by bassist Calum Hood.

Bustle reports that fans freaked out when Hood sent out the tweet saying:

“One day I will leave and live a normal life.”

Just a few moments after the message was posted, it was immediately deleted by the 5SOS member which only earned more buzz.

Bustle points out that the post was reminiscent of Malik’s announcement when the former One Direction star expressed he was leaving the band.

The alarming post then launched the hashtag “#WeLoveYouCalhum”.

However, although the tweet could be interpreted as a serious threat to the current lineup of 5SOS, there is reason for fans to relax.

Hollywood Life reports that after the cryptic tweet, Hood followed up with a post saying how happy he is–along with a smiley emoji and picture of what looks like a happy goat.

The caption in the photo said:

“This happy goat is making feel so happy about everything.”

The website interprets that the follow up tweet suggests Hood is not planning on leaving the band; instead, he was just having a bad day and wanted to express his frustrations.

Bustle supports this analysis by saying that Hood’s follow up tweet speaks volumes.

By saying that he is feeling happy about everything, Bustle interprets that Hood is telling his fans to calm down and that there is nothing to worry about.

The website also points out that the 19-year-old bassist has every right to get emotional on Twitter because he is just a kid at the height of fame and career where things can be rough at times.

Bustle raises that the band is gearing up for a world tour on a hectic schedule so it can get intense, but it does not mean that 5SOS members do not love touring or performing live.

At the end of the day, Hood’s cryptic tweet suggests that despite his fame, he is still a human being with feelings.