5SOS has been busy invading the globe for their Sounds Live Feels Live tour. The boys started the event in Japan on Feb. 19 to promote their second album Sounds Good Feels Good. However, amidst their busy schedule, drummer Ashton Irwin has been missing Bryana Holly, according to the latest news.

The Australian pop-rock band has been successful in their aim to rock out every stage they are in. Of course, more than the hard work, there must be an inspiration behind their energy.

Fans already know that Hemmings has been dating Arzaylea for quite a while. Meanwhile, Clifford is still single.

On the other hand, there have been reports that bassist Calum Hood is dating Hey Violet drummer Nia Lovelis. The drummer recently confirmed that he is newly single.

Yes, the band’s supporters must have known that, but does Irwin miss his ex-girlfriend? Holly showed off her sexy physique during the during Miami Swim Week on Saturday.

According to Mail Online, the 24-year-old blonde bombshell wants to show Irwin what he is missing out on. The former couple broke up last month.

Ashton Irwin is yet to express his side of the issue. Thus far, the public knows that he is enjoying his new relationship status.

As for the boy’s Sounds Live Feels Live event, Radio wrote that 5SOS completely invaded the Madison Square Garden on July 15. The Aussie quintet played some of their smashing hits like Vapor, Castaway and Jet Black Heart.

As a result, the “ear-numbing” cheers surrounded the concert grounds. While playing rock and roll music, Clifford was keen to express his concerns about what is happening around the world.

“I know it sounds sappy – it’s not meant to be cheesy – but there is a lot of s—happening in the world right now. There’s a lot of bad s— happening, and I’m sure everybody is aware of it, and it sucks,” the guitarist said.

Then, he continued by saying that fans who come to witness events like this should always have a good time. He did not forget to say that the concertgoers should spread love and enjoy the evening.

There will be more news about Ashton Irwin and the rest of 5SOS members in the future, so make sure to check our website every day.