5 Seconds Of Summer, the pop punk band from Sydney, recently released their album, “Sounds Good Feels Good”.

5SOS have made life much better by releasing their brand new album into the world, notes Sugar Scape. The album consists of 14 songs and each of them sounds and feel really good.

The boy band is gaining popularity with each passing day, however not “everyone” seems to be impressed with their fame quotient. We’re talking about Taylor Swift who apparently blocked Michael Clifford’s number.

Last Year, the “Bad Blood” beauty met Mikey in the US, after the trip he must have been quite over friendly, notes Unreality TV. Clifford told Miss Vogue that she won’t take his calls or texts anymore.

“Taylor Swift’s blocked my number!” he said.

Ash tried to clarify why Swiftie stopped accepting messages from the 5SOS hottie.

“Is that because you were texting her all the time?!” the drummer asked.

On this note, Irwin admitted that some of the rumors about them are so untrue. One note worthy rumor is that of Luke Hemmings’ text exchange with Oprah, which the lads clarified to be totally false.

“Luke managed to kick in a rumour a couple of years ago that he messaged Oprah all the time and this news went viral and people started assuming all sorts of things on what was he texting her,” Ashton revealed.

People around the world should just understand that most of the times a rumor is just pure gossip and nobody would ever know the truth unless the source reveals it themselves.

However, Unreality TV confirmed that the boys did meet Oprah Winfrey for the first time as they appeared as guests on Ellen DeGeneres. We do hope that Taylor Swift and 5SOS appear on a similar platform, where they could chat and get over the bitterness.