With only two days to go for the second album by 5SOS “Sounds Good Feels Good” to be released. Ashton Irwin goes ahead and makes his fans weak in the knees!

On October 19, the good-looking drummer from the boy band took to 5SOS’s official Twitter account and thanked fans for their support. While his genuine words of gratitude may have resonated with fans across the globe, nobody could take their eyes off him since he is captured in the video – shirtless!

In the video he posted on the page, Ashton appears to be already in bed ready to sleep, and doesn’t fail to give a big shout out to his fans around the world. His gesture has since been much appreciated.

Contrary to rumors, he wasn’t found in bed with any fan.

Thanking his fans in the video, Ashton said, “Hey what’s up you guys? We don’t say it enough, but I wanted to say thank you just so much for everything.”

He added, “I know we’re super busy at the moment and it’s kind of easy to lose track of actually what’s going on, but the fact is you guys have made this band everything it is today and we can’t thank you enough. You make our dreams come true, seriously. Thank you, thank you so much.”

The band sure does know how to make their fans feel very special.

Callum had also recently shared one of the scariest experiences of his life, as reported by Unreality TV. And the fans just love it. The group should definitely continue to share with fans, who absolutely love knowing little insights of and details about each member of the popular boy band.

The 5 Seconds of Summer boys have been on a roll, with only days to go for their second album launch as well as preparations for summer tour in 2016, as noted by Hollywood Life.

The 5SOS guys have also been giving hit singles one after the other and are really quite busy. But what has struck a chord with their fans is the boys’ genuine interest in them and how they appreciate their fans. The little time 5SOS spend to thank their fans and send their big bundle of gratitude is more than enough for their entire 5SOS family.