5SOS 2015: Michael Clifford Dating a Fan? ‘It’s a Bonus’

When 5 Seconds of Summer heartthrob Michael Clifford revealed some of his secrets, fans wondered if one of his secrets was having a girlfriend. While he didn’t reveal any of that, rumors say the guitarist is dating one of his band’s fan. Shocker!

While he isn’t dating anyone right now, in his interview with Seventeen mag, Clifford said that he would love to date a fan, and that “It’s a bonus.”

“Fans are the same thing as a normal person, but they just like your band. It’s like a bonus!” he said, quotes Unreality TV.

However, the musician revealed that girls seem to like his band mates Calum Hood and Luke Hemmings more than him.

“I guess I’m a little girl crazy. Back in school, girls I liked actually liked Calum or Luke,” he said.

“I didn’t let that make me jaded, but it’s been a struggle to get girls to like me. I’ve learned not to focus on little crushes. Even now, I still get friend-zoned!”

To all the fan girls out there, this could be your chance to date Michael.

In other news, it has been reported days ago that 5SOS bassist Calum Hood was spotted shopping with a mystery chick. Could she be his date? We still do not know yet. Besides, the band allegedly has this “no- dating policy” so they could focus more on their music.

As for the band, 5SOS reportedly rocked the crowd at PNC Music Pavilion during their performance on Wednesday.

According to Theoden James of the Charlotte Observer, 5SOS fans did nothing but screamed their lungs out while the 4-piece “boy band” was performing.

“Frankly, beyond a certain decibel level, all screaming starts to sound the same,” the site noted.

“On Wednesday night, it was nearly impossible to hear their between-song banter because none of them could get out a full sentence before the screaming ensued.”

Stay tuned for more 5 Seconds of Summer news.

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