5SOS 2015: Calum Hood Shares Scariest Experience with Ghost in His Room


Sitting around the bonfire listening to real-life ghost stories may not be spooky enough but anyone is bound to be scared when they truly find themselves in such a situation.

5 Seconds of Summer member, Calum Hood, shared the scariest experience he has had till date with Top Of The Pops magazine, as reported by Unreality TV.

Reportedly, once when living in an old house, he encountered a ghost and reacted like any adult would… sure!

“One night I work up and saw a figure, wearing a hood. I looked at it and threw my blanket up, cos obviously that’s what you are supposed to do when you see a ghost! Apparently the old house we were staying with at the time did have ghosts.”

The bass player may have been clearly frightened out of his wits.

On the other hand, the band must also be very excited about their second album, “Sounds Good Feels Good”, releasing soon.

Furthermore, as noted by News.au.com, the boy band is taking a stand much like Justin Bieber, where they prefer getting to know their fans as opposed to just getting selfies clicked.

The band including Hood, Michael Clifford, Luke Hemmings, and Ashton Irwin pretty much like to chat with fans to establish a closer connection and get to know their fans better.

Their true fans would probably be really happy for any opportunity to get to know them and spend a couple of minutes more with them than just taking a selfie, to be used as a trophy picture later.

Irwin shared with the site, “We want them to get to know us. That’s what the songs and the album are all about.”

The second album, “Sounds Good Feels Good”, from 5SOS is expected to release on October 23.

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