English rock band, ‘The Beatles’ member John Lennon is missing his beloved Gibson J-160E from hits such as “Love Me Do” and “Please Please Me.”  It has recently been auctioned off for $2.4 million at the popular and highly acclaimed auction ‘Julien’s Auctions’.

The guitar was lost for 50 years after a Christmas party in 1965. The swiper had sold the guitar later to a novice musician named John McCaw, who had no idea it belonged to the former Beatles member. He then took the guitar to an authenticator to show if it was really Lennon’s. The woodgrain and other qualities the acoustic guitar had matched up and was approved and authenticated as Lennon’s.

“It’s such an important part of Lennon’s career and Beatles History” Julien added.

“I can tell you, there has never been another guitar like this offered up for auction,” Andy Babiuk, Fab Four Expert said on ‘Julien’s Auctions’ website.

50% of the proceeds from the auction went to a charity in America called Spirit Foundation which was founded by John’s widow Yoko Ono and himself.

Juliens Auctions are highly acclaimed and very popular with the memorabilia he has on show. Like Kurt Cobain’s lucky green sweater which he wore on his performance for MTV Unplugged. The sweater sold for $140,800, much higher than the estimated price.

From the “Ed Sullivan Show” in 1964, the Beatles drum head is being sold for $2.1 million. This will be Julien’s next big seller as this was a very memorable piece used by their band.

His next auction will be in Beverly Hills, California at his gallery. The ‘Golden Closet Archives’ will feature costumes from the most iconic series’ such as “Dukes of Hazzard”, “Happy Days” and “Married… With Children”.

Auction participants have the option to bid online if they live in another state of America. His website also allows participants to buy merchandise online, however he does not ship worldwide.