Who doesn’t love watching beauty-pageants and extending support to participants from our own homeland? But while pageants are fun to watch, they could also make us cringe from time-to-time.

To begin with, the crowing of Miss Universe 2015, Miss Philippines Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach, was something to watch.

She was a fan-favorite, so her winning the crown and the way it ended up coming to her, left everyone dazed. And if you thought that Steve Harvey, committed the biggest fail any beauty pageant show host ever has, then you are probably right! But contestants have also been known to sometimes survive minor and at times major slips (no pun intended) during the competition.

We have compiled the 5 worse Miss Universe moments, which showcase it just wasn’t 2015 event host Steve Harley who messes things up on live television. Take a look:

1.”Ginger Root”

It is natural to be nervous when facing the world at a Miss Universe beauty pageant and so is blurting out random words. Catch Miss Phillippines at Miss Universe 1980 beauty competition, say the word “Ginger Root” at the 6:00 mark.

2. The Fall

Miss USA Rachel Smith at the 2007 Miss Universe competition, walking in her beautiful black dress, showed-off a killer walk and managed a spot in the Top 5 even after she slipped on stage.

3. Another Fall

Miss USA during the 2008 Miss Universe beauty competition, falls while walking on the stage. Kudos for picking herself up and not being frazzled by a minor slip.

4. Biology Lessons

Miss Serbia and Montenegro, at the Miss Universe 2003 event, was questioned if she could either be water or fire what would she be and why? The reply is here for all to see at the 2:00 mark.

5. The Crown Fall

The air was thick with excitement at the Miss Universe 2009 pageant as it was the opportunity when Miss Venezuela could take home the crown for second time in a row and she did take the crown but not before, it had a great fall.