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5 Best Music Festivals You Must Attend


The bright flashing lights, loud upbeat music and the happiness of the crowd enjoying the music is an experience everyone must attend even once in their lifetime.

The following musical events around the world are just 5 of the best music festivals enjoyed by music lovers.

  • Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival – United States

With the event was first held in 1999, it plays every genre of music such as: Electronic Dance Music (EDM), Pop, Indie, Hip-Hop and Rock. The festival happens annually during the most beautiful time of spring in the United States. Viagogo, an online ticket retailer has labelled Coachella as the second-most-in-demand concert ticket tailing the Tomorrowland festival.

  • Glatsonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts – England

The five-day festival takes place in England for the past 45 years. The inspiration for this festival was similar to the “Isle of Wight” festival which featured more ‘hippie bands’ such as The Who. Michael Eavis, the creator of the music festival, invites people from The GreenPeace, Oxfam and WaterAid to collect donations from people at the festival. The festival has been supporting environmental projects thus helping make people aware of ways of efficient water usage and methods to cut back on their electricity consumption.

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Stereosonic, the biggest music festival in Australia with a record of 60,000 attendees in 2011, is an annual event which  mostly plays EDM and pop. The festival plays in all 5 states of Australia with different artists traveling around the country. The festival starts in either November or December during the peak of summer in Australia. World-famous Dj’s such as Alesso, Example, Calvin Harris and David Guetta have headlined this festival.


Held at the beach of Alabama, this three day music festival invites the most popular artists trending now such as Kings of Leon, The Black Keys, Stevie Wonder and Foo Fighters. The festival was founded in 2009 by A.J. Niland and Shaul Zislin who were searching for a good location for a festival and the Gulf Shores was chosen because it had such a large ‘surf culture’. The festival is now broadcasted on MTV and VH1 hits playing on television. 35,000 people per day had attended the festival in 2013.


Tomorrowland is one of the world’s largest EDM and technological music festivals. This is annually held in the small town of Boom in Brazil, attracting 90,000 people in 2009. This number growing to 120,000 six years after being first held in 2005. The festival has featured world recognized DJ’s such as David Guetta, Swedish House Mafia and Avicii. A spin-off for Americans has been created, it is called “TomorrowWorld” and is held in late September.


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