3 Mother’s Day 2015 Gifts That Mums Will Surely Love


Mother’s Day 2015 is just around the corner. This special day for mums is an annual celebration and for this year, it will fall on Sunday, May 10, 2015. Australians observe the same Mother’s day schedule as the Americans, which is the second Sunday of May.

Trove reports that an Australian named Mrs. Janet Heyden is credited as the woman who was responsible for creating the Mother’s Day tradition. Her daughter Mrs. Thelma Little who resides in Petersham, New South Wales, told them Mrs. Heyden’s story.

Mrs. Heyden was concerned for the lonely mums, especially the aging ladies who were living in the Newington State Hospital in Sydney. This prompted her to start a campaign in 1923 wherein she asked for donations to buy gifts for these women. Heyden’s simple campaign started the popular tradition of giving gifts to mothers aside from birthday and Christmas presents.

Instead of giving the usual gifts like flowers, cards and chocolates for the special women in our lives, why not give them unique presents that they will love and cherish. Below are three Mother’s Day 2015 gifts that mums will surely love.

1. UNICEF Australia Mother’s Day Essentials Bundle ($61.00)

This special Inspired Gift bundle includes a personalised card for your mum plus four mosquito nets and 120 measles vaccinations. It will not only make mums happy but a lot of children as well, especially those who are threatened by malaria and measles. It is from the United Nations Children’s Fund, or UNICEF Australia’s Inspired Gifts range wherein gift givers can choose a gift from the official website of the United Nations Program.

2. Mother’s Day MOR Marshmallow Moments Gift Set (AU$49.95) –

This gift set contains the Marshmallow Eau De Parfum (50mL), Hand & Body Milk (50mL) and Hand & Body Wash (50mL). The MOR Marshmallow product line has notes of jasmine flower, vanilla musk, cotton candy, white carnation and sugar dipped rose petals. It normally costs $56.94 but for Mother’s Day, customers can get if for AU$49.95 and save as much as $6.99.

3. Pandora Motherly Love Openwork Charm (AUS $ 35.00) –

This heart-shaped silver filigree charm has a beautiful, intricate design that is perfect for mums. It’s a nice reminder of your love for your mother that she can wear all the time. It will go with one of the delicate bracelets from Pandora.

These are just some of the wonderful and thoughtful gifts that can be given to mums everywhere. Surely, these special women will greatly appreciate it. Add a hug, a kiss and a personal, handwritten note and they will love it even more.

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