Twenty six-year-old British man, Unais Gomes, was killed at a Phoenix Ayahuasca retreat in Peru by Joshua Steve, his Canadian friend. The British man was stabbed to death during a hallucinogenic drug session.

Daily Mail reports that the local police confirmed that Unais Gomes and his friend Joshua Stevens drank traditional plant brew ayahuasca at the retreat in the Peruvian Jungle after which Joshua stabbed Gomes. The report also confirms that Gomes’s girlfriend, Ory, received a series of text messages from him revealing that his experience in the retreat was a bad one and that he didn’t like the place.

Unais Gomes was a Cambridge University graduate and a high flying London Financer, confirmed The Telegraph. The report stated that the police was told by the eye witnesses that Gomes attacked Joshua first and Steve killed him in self defence. One of the workers in the health retreat suffered cuts in an effort to separate the two friends. Gomes’ neighbours said that he was a very spiritual person and used to host meditation sessions in his flat.

Tracie Thornberry, the owner of the center, was in Australia when the incident happened. But according to News Grio, she praised her staff for how they handled the situation during her absence. She also expressed that she was shocked as well as saddened by the unexpected incident. She also offered her deepest condolences to the concerned family.

Ayahuasca is also known as DMT (Dimethyltryptamine). It is a traditional drink in Amazon Basin which is believed to have healing properties. People also believe that it brings inner peace by releasing toxin from body. In South American countries it is legal and psychedelic sessions are performed under the guidance of experienced shamans.