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21 Best DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids

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With Halloween right around the corner, parents are probably fretting over spending on Halloween costumes or are at their wits end about what to do this year.

Fear not! We have complied a list of easy DIY costumes that your kids will so love. Go right ahead and pick out the one that you think would be a perfect fit for you children:

1. Jelly Beans Bag

A clear trash bag with holes for arms and legs cut out, while the bag will hold colored balloons appearing to be jellybeans, an idea suggested by Pop Sugar.

2. Meatballs and Spaghetti

Who doesn’t love meatballs and spaghetti? Get your kid to look like one with basic things found in your home. Head here for directions.

3. A Spooky Ghost

Pop Sugar also shares the classic Ghost costume which only requires an old bedsheet with two holes for eyes.


4. Pope’s Hat

Red ribbon, duct-tapes, cardboard and white paper are all you will need for this costume. Head here for directions on how to create the Pope’s Hat.

5. Athlete

For those kids into sports, just throw on their jerseys and shorts or a skirt with a sporty top and throw in accessories like footballs, rackets, headbands and wristbands.

6. A Gumball Machine

Would appear to be as neat as the Jelly Beans Bag. Parents can click here for directions to create the costume.

7. Sun Costume

The classic sun costume just requires a bright yellow sweatshirt and creating a large sun with some orange and yellow felt, as shared by Parenting.

8. The Little Devil

Put on a red top and pants on your kid, hand him or her the red trident and throw on the Devil horns. It’s as simple as that.

9. Tomato

Make your child look like the cutest one with an oversized red sweatshirt and some green-colored felt thrown in. Head here for directions.

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10. Pizza Rat

With a Disney Mickey Mouse Hat, a bathrobe tie for tail your kid is going to look as cute as a button. You will need red plates to act as Pepperoni and a huge cardboard cut as a triangle for the pizza base, as shared by Dispatch.

11. Carrot

It’s quick and easy to make your child a carrot costume. You will need an oversized sweatshirt in a carrot-orange color to complete the look. Head for directions to make the costume here.

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12. Red Light Camera

Cardboard and some black paint and white paper is all you need. Head here for direction.

13. Mermaid Costume

Allow your kid to make a splash a very different avatar and this costumer requires no sewing saving you all the trouble. Head here for directions.

14. Sandwich

A delicious sandwich costume is all you need for your little kid. The directions for creating this DIY costume can be found here.

15. Volkswagen

Use a cardboard box to act as the body of the car with the duct-tape straps which will effortlessly hold the costume around your child. Fashion the Volkswagen logo, a steering wheel out of paper plate and use colored paper plates as wheels, as noted by Dispatch.

16. Owl

Make your kid appear like the wise owl with this easy to DIY costume. The directions for the costume are here.

17. Frankenstein

Which kid wouldn’t want to play Frankenstein on Halloween? The directions for the costume are available here.

18. Little Red Riding Hood

An all red dress or a simple red top with red pants and a red cape, with a brown basket fashioned out of cardboard and your little one could have her very own fairytale.

19. Santa’s Little Elf

Full sleeved green t-shirt with green pants and pointed shoes, will only make your kid look cuter. Fashion the tip of the pointed shoes out of green felt to make the regular shoes look fancy for this little act.

20. Pig in a Blanket

This is another option to make you kid look as cute as a button. Head here for directions.

21. The Weather Gal

This simple and easy-to-do costume won’t take much time to put together. Head here for instructions.

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