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How Did 2 Killers Escape From New York Top-Security Prison?

Two convicted killers Richard Matt and David Sweat escaped

Two convicted killers, Richard Matt and David Sweat have done what is normally the stuff of fiction movies. They managed to escape from the maximum security New York state prison. You must have heard the old phrase –“Reality is stranger than fiction”, the complex plot of this successful prison escape puts the fictional stories to shame.

Note worthy, in the entire 170 years history of this Correctional Facility in Dannemora, New York, no one was ever able to carry out a prison escape plan successfully.

  • How they managed to escape:

Initial reports suggest that the two convicted men lived in adjacent cells and used power tools to cut through a thick wall made up of concrete and steel. Now you must be wondering how did they managed to do it without alarming the authorities? Well that is the mystery part. None of the security guards have any clue on how they managed to get their hands on the power tools. Even more surprising is how they managed to keep the noise levels so low that none of the on-duty guards heard any strange noises.

  • The mystery deepens:

Cutting a hole in a concrete wall is not the most complex part of this prison escape. It is what happens after they exit their cells through this hole. Once out of the holes, the felons navigated their way through a complex maze of pipes and tunnels. Someone even with a map will have difficulty in navigating through such a complex network of pipes and tunnels.

  • No one has been crossed of the list:

Investigators said that they are not ruling out the possibility that these escapees might have had some help from the inside. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said the prison is more than 150 years old and undergoes regular maintenance. There is a possibility that one of the construction workers might have accidently or intentionally left those power tools in the prison. The construction company that deals with the maintenance work of the prison is being question by the state police department.

  • There can be casualties:

Since these two men are convicted murderers, they won’t refrain from adopting any drastic measure in order to secure their freedom. It is possible that these men might have hijacked a vehicle, killed the owner and drove across the state boundary in it. New York State Police Maj. Charles Guess said that the police department will conduct a door to door search in order to ensure that none of the locals were hurt by these men.

  • One of these men was a repeat offender:

Richard Matt, one of the escapees, has successfully broken out of a county jail in past. However, he was soon captured and sent to a maximum security prison. Considering the fact that such repeat offenders are always kept under tight watch, we wonder if one of the guards was involved in facilitating their escape. The investigation is still in its infancy and it would be too soon to say anything on this but the investigators are confident of uncovering the truth very soon.

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