A 15-year-old migrant boy got arrested after stabbing a Swedish woman to death on Monday.

Alexandra Mezher, was a refugee centre worker, who was working in the night shift along with ten teenagers. She was stabbed at a home of asylum seekers all under 18.

The centre is 10 kilometres away from Mölndal town center, in the Gothenberg region of western Sweden.

The 22-year-old refugee centre worker died in a hospital due to injuries after the attack.

“ The women that worked here was a fantastic employ and she worked in the extremely important welfare sector. At your workplace you should feel safe and secure and not a risk. But this did not happen and on this occasion a person has died”, Swedish Prime Minister Stephen Lofven, told The Telegraph.

“Now we must think about her family, friends and her work colleagues and this really a tragedy.” he added.

According to Hans Lippens, a police spokesman for the Västra Götaland region,except his country of origin, the boy’s identification has not been verified yet.

He said that police is laying out investigation about the case. All the ten boys are under police surveillance. They are being asked about the case deeply.

Hans added that one of the men is suspected to be involved in the case. It has not been confirmed, investigation is in progress.

“This was not terrorism. We think it might have been an accident, or there was a fight,” Hans said.

Further investigation was scheduled on Tuesday due to all of them are from different countries, interpreters were needed for their statements.

According to police, these cases related to asylum seekers have grown more in Västra Götaland region. The migrants are mostly from Afghanistan and Syria. They fight with each other and don’t involve Swedish police.

In August 2015, police encountered a case of two asylum seekers, who have been held for stabbing at an IKEA store in Sweden.