Friday, September 30, 2016

100,000 ‘Megabats’ Attack Batemans Bays: Locals ‘Prisoners In Their Homes’

100,000 ‘Megabats’ Attack Batemans Bays: Locals ‘Prisoners In Their Homes’



A huge swarm of 100,000 scary megabats has attacked the town of Batemans Bay in New South Wales, Australia, causing the locals to feel like prisoners in their homes.

The grey-headed bats have sheltered themselves in most of the trees in the town. And residents are scared to open their windows and doors due to the awful smell and unbearable noise, according to Daily Mail.

“We’ve had over 100,000 flying foxes settle in Batemans Bay, we think that represents about a quarter to a fifth of the entire national population, so it has been quite an extraordinary circumstance,” Mark Speakman, NSW Environment Minister, told ABC.

“We’ve had many residents complain, they feel they’re prisoners in their own homes, they can’t go out, they have to have air conditioning on the whole time, windows closed,” he added.

A state of emergency has also been declared in the town. And this seems to be the biggest invasion of bats ever in Australia. The bats are one of the vulnerable species, so nobody can kill them. The non-lethal methods are the only options left for authorities. Speakman says that the foremost method is to relocate the megabats.

The Eurobodalla Council has proposed two plans to solve the situation. One method is to spray trees and use deterrents to shoo them away. In the second method, the council plans to use giant inflatable tubes meant to scare them away.

However, the final decision on methods is yet to be finalized.

“We have to wait and see what the council’s consultants advise on the best dispersal techniques,” said Local MP Andrew Constance.

“The community is desperate for any solution to be tried,” he added.

Animals rights group, however, says that it is better to leave the bats alone. They will leave on their own after some time. According to ITV, the government has also stepped forward to commit US$1.8m (£1.23m) to scatter the megabats from the town.

  • Leslie Riegel Cully

    What a slanted, ridiculous story!!! Fruit bats “attack” a town? THEY EAT FRUIT AND NECTAR!!! You all had an incredible blooming event that attracted the bats. It’s almost over, so they’ll leave naturally on their own. You DO realize that without these amazing animals, you would have no pollination, no trees, and no koalas? Leave them alone! I wouldn’t enjoy the smelly part, either, but for heaven’s sake, it’s temporary!

  • Dianne Gargaro

    Since when is hanging in a tree and eating nectar or fruit attacking anyone? Fruit bats do not attack anything.

  • Ruby Chan

    I really dislike the spin to this story. Bats do not attack people, they are not monsters!! I can imagine how the bats would be an inconvenience with need to constantly manage the droppings, but it is overkill to say that the locals are prisoners in their own homes.

  • Blake Vittoria

    If you hate animals so much then move to a country with less of them

  • Craig R. H. Laurent

    Trivesh Sharma is a few shingles short of a good roof. Actually, he’s an idiot who uses lies and sensationalism in his story about fruit bats. Hey Trivesh, bats do not attack people! His thankfully brief biography points to a shallow, egotistical man. He should go back to “writing” for the New Delhi Times which apparently appreciates sleazy reporting.

  • Roberta Morrison

    Too bad nobody thought about the bats BEFORE deciding to destroy their natural habitat. If someone had made the choice to preserve enough of their home forests to support them, I doubt very much they would have chosen to roost in a suburban neighborhood, to begin with. Now the damage has been done, you want to force them to return to forests that aren’t there? Real smart.

    I honestly wonder if you realize how lucky you are, having some of the most unique wildlife on the planet. It is sad that so many species are suffering, because no one seems to think about how things will impact these animals BEFORE building new places for humans to use. So now you’re going to risk destroying one of the most important species on your island, because people forced them into a suburban neighborhood. Guess you won’t mind when your native forests die off, taking what little rain they create with them.

  • PlacidAir

    The bats are not the species that is “invasive”.

  • GingerAnn1212

    Flying foxes don’t attack people, they are fruit bats. They go where the food is and right now the food is in Bateman’s Bay. Once the food is gone, they will move on. Too bad nobody thought about this when their native habitats were destroyed because of humans. As far as I am concerned the bats were here first and should be left alone. How about taking those millions of dollars and donate it to animal conservation rather than using it to destroy these beautiful, innocent creatures. The author of this article should be ashamed.

  • Rhiannon Tarrant

    It is awful how one sided this story is. How about talking about how important these beautiful creatures are? How they pollinate all our trees and how it’s our own fault they are are being forced to co-exists with people?

  • DeepBlue

    Hey Trivesh Sharma “Zealous Writer” – you should make a greater effort to be an accurate writer. There are so many errors and misrepresentations in your article that you could start a career as a politician. I could list them all for you – but that would probably be longer than your trite, inaccurate, slanted, incorrect, misleading, trashy, poorly written, predictable, puerile,article.

  • Janine Davies

    Pity that people do not check their facts. We are talking about the Grey-headed flying fox which is listed as Vulnerable to Exctinction. You have to laugh at the comment by Constance where he says “We have to wait and see what the council’s consultants advise on the best dispersal techniques,” Such experts clearly state in their reports available on the Eurobodalla Shire Council’s website that a dispersal will not work!

    Such a pity that a handful of complainants are able to be heard, yet the scientists and those who know the situation are being ignored by the press.

  • Blind_Freddie

    This is the most stupid flying fox article I’ve ever read, and believe me, I’ve read some doozies. The federal and state governments are in a feeding frenzy in the lead up to the election, promising to throw money at conservative voting bat haters. Losr/lose all around with this policy.

  • Christine Invelito

    Move these silly intolerant humans away from there and move some informed tolerant people in and problem solved. The whinging will stop. I am happy as a taxpayer to pay for this. Wildlife management is about managing people