10 Best 90s Australian TV Shows You Wish Still Aired Today

We have evolved into an era of the Internet and the digital world allows us to do everything from locating a nearby restaurant to sending a video within a minute just by a single click. The kids of today will probably never understand how watching shows on television meant in the 90s.

Waiting for the next episode of our favourite shows to air for another week in a world without Youtube is worth mentioning. There were a lot of shows that aired for quite long, and a few which should have continued but were unfortunately withdrawn sooner.

Here are the top 10 shows in Aussie TV which kept our eyes glued to the telly, which we think should have existed today

Agro’s Cartoon Connection (1989-1997)

A brown little weird puppet which looked like a combination of a weasel and a mandrill named Agro was the protagonist of one of the most popular TV shows in the 1990s. This show aired on Saturday mornings featuring Agro and his female co-host which even contained a lot of adult jokes that were smartly hidden from the juvenile audience. The children were distracted when the show featured their favorite cartoons like Popeye, Sonic the Hedgehog Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles etc. The show came to an end following its rivalry with Cheez TV which had gained a lot of audience during the late 90s.

Full Frontal (1993-1997)

A sketch comedy series which made Eric Bana popular. The slapstick humor and spontaneous one liners that Bana delivered as Ray Martin and Poiter were incredible. Shaun Micalleff, who played the weird hillarious weather forecast guy Milo Kerrigan, was catalyst to the naughty plot. Though a spin-off of the series “Totally Full Frontal” was brought into picture without Bana and Micalleff failed to make an impact in the minds of the sudience and the show had to be called off in 1999.

Man O Man (1994-1994)

This show consisted of several male contenders showing off  their assets judged by a set of female audience and the men that coudnt make it were pushed into a swimming pool. The show was hosted by the late Rob Guest. Although it failed to create a consistent audience in the long run, it was quite a treat to watch men doing striptease to woo the female judges and drowning in a pool eventually.

Gladiators (1995-1996)

This test of survival and endurance was one of its kind in the early 90s where men and women contested in an arena with one on one tug-o-war like games termed as hang tough, gauntlet, skytrak, suspension bridge etc. The contestants of the battle had gladiator-like names including cougar, outlaw, and thunder.

The show should have been on air for some more years so we could enjoy the Greek format of Gladiators fighting in an arena in a modernised format.

Genie from Down Under (1996-1998)

Similar to Alladin and his lamp from The Arabian Nights, Penelope Townes a teenage British girl finds an opal which contains a genie played by Rhys Muldoon. This genie, unlike the one in Alladin, is quite messy and funny and that is what made the show worth a watch. It aired barely two seasons and could have lasted longer. When Rhys Muldoon was replaced by Sandy Winton as the genie in the second season, the fans seemed to lose interest.

Sabrina The Teenage Witch (1996-2003)

A teenage girl named Sabrina who discovers her magical powers and her descent of witches and lives with aunts who have lived on the earth for 600 years — this show was probably the longest running show in the list which appealed to the audience for quite a while

The Wayne Manifesto (1996-1996)

The story revolves around the life and fun-filled childhood of Wayne Wilson, the protagonist of the show. Based on a popular series of books by author David McRobbie, the show never failed to thrill the audience though it aired for only a year. The introductory line of the show “I’m Wayne Wilson, This is my life.” is still as fresh in our minds.

The Powerpuff Girls (1998-2002)


Three little girls named Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup try to fight against the antagonist Mojo Jojo and the criminal world with their witty skills. Very popular among the kids this series was surely a hardcore entertainer. “Fighting Crime, Trying to save the World, they are just in Time,The Powerpuff Girls !!!” had become one of the most loved theme songs among the kids.

Who Dares Wins (1996-1998)

The show had an interesting format which consisted of Mike Whitney, the host of the show, bumping into random people on the streets and asking them to do bizarre and funny tasks which were sometimes dangerous for a prize money. Tania Zaetta co-hosted the show who eventually moved to other tv shows and later to India to pursue her anchoring career after the show ended in 1998 after its 107th episode .

The Adventures Of Lano and Woodey (1997-1999)

The sitcom starring Colin Lane and Frank Woodley was a wonderful sitcom which successfully entertained the audiences without a moment of monotony throughout all thirteen epsiodes in its two seasons. It unfortunately ended in 1999 leaving the audiences wanting for more of the fun.

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