Opera Acquires VPN Service SurfEasy

VPN Keys Mean Virtual Private Network

SurfEasy, a VPN service provider, has been acquired by Opera for an undisclosed amount of money. The Norway-based web browser made the announcement in a statement on Thursday. The acquisition reaffirms Opera’s stance on privacy and security. SurfEasy offers a VPN service that encrypts Internet traffic sent to and from the user’s device. The encryption protects personal and sensitive data – even when using public networks. Lars Boilesen, Opera’s CEO, said security and privacy are growing concerns, and more users


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Angry Birds Maker Hopes Animated Movie Will Ease Profit Woes

Angry Birds on iPad

Angry Birds maker Rovio hopes a new animated movie will ease profit woes and restore growth. The Finnish mobile game developer saw a 73% drop in profit, a sign that the brand is losing its appeal with consumers. Licensing of the Angry Birds brand on toys, sweets and clothing has caused problems for Rovio. The company has failed to repeat the success of the Angry Birds game in 2009, which became the number one paid app of all time. Total



Is Diet Soda Making You Fatter?

Pouring of cola in the glass with ice

Diet soda is marketed as a healthier alternative to regular soda. But a new study suggests diet soda may be to blame for increased belly fat in the elderly. The study links zero-calorie sodas to higher rates of abdominal obesity in people aged 65 years and older. Published by the Journal of American Geriatrics, the study is the first of its kind to study the effects of artificial sweeteners on the elderly. In addition to abdominal obesity, the study also


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Stocks Tumble Ahead of Wednesday’s Fed Meeting

Federal Reserve Building Washington

Stocks dropped in early afternoon trading on Wednesday ahead of the Federal Reserve’s meeting on interest rate policy. Oil prices dropped even further. The Federal Reserve will conclude its two-day meeting at 2pm ET. Experts are expecting the Fed to ask for patience as it weighs interest rate increases. An increase may come as early as June. Experts say the Fed wants to maintain flexibility as it makes an attempt to increase rates. A six-paragraph statement will be released after



Starving Sea Lions in California are Washing Ashore in Record Numbers

Seals in california

More than 1,450 starving sea lions have washed up on California’s shores this year, in what wildlife experts are calling a crisis for the species. What’s causing the pups to travel so far from their mothers? Experts believe that abnormally warm waters are to blame. As fish and other food are driven away from coastal islands, mothers are forced to spend time away from their pups to hunt for food. Meanwhile, the starving sea lions are swimming away from their



Are Oil Bulls Going to Crash the Price of Oil?

Oil barrel with up and sown arrows

Usually, when somebody’s bullish on a commodity or stock, they are betting that the price of that commodity or stock would go up. Long investment is all about appreciation. The problem is a huge amount of long investment can actually crash the price of a stock or commodity if the bulls behind these long investments change their minds. According to some oil analysts, this is precisely what’s at play with the global price of oil. Due to the huge supply



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PocketLab Opens a Kickstarter Campaign to Fund Their Wireless Sensor

Pocket Lab

PocketLab hopes to replace educational hardware as we know it. The company launched their Kickstarter campaign with an initial goal of $25,000. So far, backers have pledged over $30,000 to the company. PocketLab will allow users, predominantly students, to be able to explore the world around them. Once plugged into a device, Android or iOS, the wireless sensor will be able to measure acceleration, force, magnetic field, temperature, altitude, pressure and velocity. All of this will be measured and displayed



TheFind Purchased by, and Shut Down by, Facebook

the find logo

TheFind, a personalized shopping search engine, was acquired by Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) on Friday for an undisclosed amount. Founded in 2005, TheFind raised over $26 million in capital from Redpoint and LightSpeed. Shortly after the acquisition was announced, TheFind displayed a message to users stating that the site would be closed in the coming weeks. Initial reports indicate that most of the company’s employees will join the Facebook team. TheFind allowed customized searches and recommendations to users. Users were able to


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NASA REPORT : NASA Crawler Transporters


According to the Guinness Book of Records, the coal from the creators TAKRAF SRs-8000 series (.pdf) the largest land vehicles in the world. The monster that may carry the record, however, listening to the name Bagger 293 and creates lignite. A mud figure to the lowest type of coal with excavation for the goorste combustion. The series is also powered externally. In contrast to the approximately 2800-ton NASA Crawler-Transporters CT-1 and CT-2. Their load speed is 1.6 km / h